Innovative technology enhancement, M2probe shine QC2020 exhibition

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Created on:2020-11-26 13:59

The 25th China International Quality Control and Testing Industrial Equipment Exhibition (QC2020 Exhibition) was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from October 28th to 30th.M2probe presented itself at the GRAND MEETING of THE QC industry, with phased array ultrasonic probe, conventional probe, wedge, scanner, micro handheld phased array ultrasonic detector and other products, which won the enthusiastic attention of the professional audience!


Core products such as conventional probe and phased array probe, such as 128 array conventional array, 20M high frequency array, customized curved surface narrow space array and new type scanning rack, attract many people to stop, which shows that the company has strong strength in research and development, production process control and so on.Let's take a look back and get a feel for the atmosphere.



The Booth of Mantu was crowded with visitors


The exhibits shows the company's strength ,  R&D capabilities and mature product experiences.

Industrial Handheld Ultrasound Apparatus(with 5MHz 64 elements linear array probe)


Conventional Ultrasound Transducers


Phased Array Ultrasound Probes



New product of scanners


M2PROBE vertically locates ultrasonic  products, brings together outstanding talents at home and abroad, and has reached the forefront of the industry at the technical level. It also strictly controls the production process and establishes advanced production equipment to ensure the high quality and high standard of products.

Professional visitors focus on M2 product


More than that, M2PROBE provides global users with one-stop solutions for procurement, customization, authentication and service.M2PROBE has patented core technologies such as high performance 1-3 piezoelectric composites, high acoustic velocity sound matching layer, low acoustic matching layer, and materials and packaging technology. M2PROBE can meet the requirements of "change on demand and test on demand" through its strong technical level and practical application solution capability.


M2PROBE brings together many local and foreign doctors, engineers and experts, and can also provide high quality and efficient solutions in terms of authentication and service.